Over the Remembrance Weekend we published two more short videos* produced for us by QTV Sports. Not surprisingly, both commemorated the centenary of World War 1, but in two very different fashions. The first covered a visit by six QP members and players to the Digging In project at Pollok Park. The purpose of this project is to give people experience of what life was like in the trenches, the equipment that the servicemen had to wear and carry, and the hazards that they faced. The undoubted stars of the piece were two of our under-20s players, Cammy Foy and Andrew Henderson, both of whom spoke eloquently on camera about the experience. WW1 has now almost completely passed from living memory, but it is important that we keep teaching the younger generations about its significance and horrors, and it effects on our Club and Country, and on Europe and the wider world.

The second piece, Queen’s Park and the Great War, concentrates on our ongoing project** to uncover the histories of the 226 QP members and players known to have enlisted, and the 33 known to have made the ultimate sacrifice. The piece tells the individual stories of Eddie Garvie, John Barbour, and Walter Coulter, all of whom died in the War, and of Ralph Risk, who survived, and who is one of only two people who have served the Club twice as President. This project, initially suggested by Colm Hickey of Middlesex Wanderers AFC, is being led by Jim Hastie, but the historical research and compilation of the records is being carried out by members Fred Ellsworth and Frank McCrossan. The Club is grateful to them for their efforts, and to the relatives and friends of those who served who have come forward with information and memorabilia which they have allowed us to use. However, to date we have information about fewer than half of those who enlisted, and so the project is likely to last until 2018. We are currently considering the possibility of editing this piece to make it into an educational tool which can be taken into schools and libraries.

The videos which we have produced so far have all been about the history of the Club and the game (there is another pending about the first international, which will now be posted in June of next year). However, it is appropriate that we bring the series up-to-date and publicise what Queen’s Park is doing today. Accordingly, the next video to be commissioned will concentrate on our Youth Development and Community Football Programmes. It is hoped that this will be posted early in 2017.

*To view these videos, go to the Queen’s Park website, queensparkfc.co.uk, then click on Club, 150 Years Celebration, then 150 Years of Scottish Football – Videos.

**For more information on the Great War project, including links to the papers produced so far, click on Club, then The Great War.