Player Career Statistics during season 17-18

Below is a table showing the total number of games players have either started or come on as a substitute.  Also included is the number of goals each player has scored for Queen’s Park

Updated Sunday 6 May 18

StartsSubGoalsStartsSubGoalsStartsSubGoalsTotal Appearance
Sean Burns193361932752254324268
Wullie Muir12400200014400144
David Galt782261394913110122
Conor McVey65351103175382113
Scott Gibson83101141097111108
Bryan Wharton76441513915796
Adam Cummins6411214047811679
Anton Brady5313512126514779
Ross Millen54081511691970
Gregor Fotheringham4512910542256
Dominic Docherty251435013014444
Ewan MacPherson51525811023333
Billy Mortimer121301601319032
Michael White2600200280028
Luke Donnelly2358000235828
Thomas Orr71524111116327
Robbie Leitch1663010167323
Ciaran Summers1640000164020
Aidan Kenna1518000151816
Chris Duff3100210511016
Kevin Green820500132015
Lewis Magee83110093112
James MacLennan17012029011
Michael Bailey52030082010
Cammy Foy7100007108
Jamie Gullan2600002608
Daniel Nimmo4000004004
Gerard McLaughlan3110003114
Ali Miller0201001203
Michael Ruth1200001203