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Club Conduct

Queen’s Park Football Club is a friendly club open to all. We like to be welcomed as true football supporters when we travel away from home.

We would ask all supporters to take the time to read this policy document, and to observe the regulations.



The policies and procedures which The Queen’s Park Football Club Limited has adopted in relation to Unacceptable Conduct, e.g. racism, sectarianism, disability discrimination, etcetera, are as contained and detailed within the following documents: –

  • Anti-Racism Policy (as reviewed annually)
  • Disability Discrimination Act (as reviewed annually)
  • Policy Towards Supporters, i.e. Charter (as reviewed annually)

Policy Statement

The club condemns and will not tolerate any form of misbehaviour and/or Unacceptable Conduct by any person at its Home Ground, and by or amongst its supporters, officials, players and others connected with the club at away matches.

Search procedures may be in operation by the club at its Home Ground, those entering the Home Ground are deemed to have agreed to being subject to search procedures. Items may be confiscated during such searches if they are considered to unacceptable or inappropriate.

Policy Objectives

  • To encourage, foster and recognise good behaviour and actions.
  • To enforce the message that Queen’s Park matches are played in a “family friendly” atmosphere/environment.
  • To encourage supporters to be self-regulating.
  • To foster positive interactions with other clubs, the local community, and the wider society in general.

Examples of misbehaviour and/or Unacceptable Conduct

  • Encroaching into unauthorised areas
  • Foul and/or abusive language
  • Failing to obey instructions from stewards
  • Possession of a banned item
  • Sectarianism and/or racism

This list in not exhaustive

Examples of banned items

  • Alcohol
  • Glass containers
  • Offensive weapons
  • Flag(s), banner(s) and the like which contain offensive or otherwise unacceptable material
  • Fireworks, flares or devices capable of emitting smoke or the like.
  • Any object which may cause or be part of an incident of misbehaviour and/or Unacceptable Conduct.

This list in not exhaustive

Sanctions including: –

Ejection from the Stadium of supporter(s) involved in acts misbehaviour and/or Unacceptable Conduct.
Informing Police Scotland of supporter(s) actions, name and address.
Use of warnings and, if necessary, the implementation of short-term or long-term banning orders.
This list in not exhaustive

Ground Entry Conditions

Full Ground Regulation Document can be read here

It is a condition of entry to Hampden Park that the following rules and regulations are abided by: –

  • The ground rules as displayed on the concourse
  • No participation in misbehaviour or Unacceptable Conduct
  • Adhere to the “Fans Charter” published by the Scottish FA and any amendments or replacements of the Charter.
  • Agree to being subject to search and the confiscation of any banned items.
  • Agree to the sharing of information with other clubs within the Scottish FA and/or Police Scotland.

Examples of Proactive Activities

  • Participation in anti-discrimination days of action as jointly promoted by the Football Authorities and the Scottish Government.
  • Website messages and links to other relevant websites.
  • Attendance of Team Coaches and Players at relevant events.
  • Pre-match public address announcements.
  • Appropriate messages and articles within match-day programmes.
  • Adoption and implementation of UEFA’s Ten Point Plan against Racism (as detailed in Anti-Racism Policy).
  • Printing of appropriate warnings on Season Tickets etcetera.
  • Ensuring that the Stadium and its immediate environs are kept free of graffiti etcetera.
  • Use of CCTV equipment by police and stewards to monitor spectator behaviour
  • Appointment of Supporters Liaison Officer – Mr Keith McAllister

Actions Taken – Season 2017/18

No action had been necessary during season 17/18 at the time of this review

Reviewed November 2018





The Queen’s Park Football Club is committed to ensuring that its disabled supporters and customers have as full access as is reasonably possible to all goods, services, and facilities provided or offered to the public by the Club. This general policy extends to the Club’s administrative base and Social Club premises, as well as to the venue for its matches.

Administrative Base & Social Club

  • The Club’s offices and Social Club are accommodated within a two-storey building, which is located at Lesser Hampden Park, on Somerville Drive, Glasgow.
  • The offices are located at ground floor (street) level and there are three separate points of access/egress which are suitable for the users of wheelchairs. This floor level has a separate, purpose-built, toilet for disabled persons.
  • The Social Club is located on the lower ground floor of the building and there are two separate points of access/egress which are suitable for the users of wheelchairs. This floor also has a separate, purpose-built, toilet for disabled persons.


  • The Club plays its home fixtures at The National Stadium, Hampden Park, Glasgow, which is a rated by UEFA as a 5-Star Venue, with modern, all-seated facilities, for all categories of spectators.
  • As the average attendance at Queen’s Park’s home matches is circa 500, the Club only makes use of the South Stand (the BT Scotland Stand). This part of the stadium offers the following facilities for disabled spectators:-
      • 44 places for wheelchair users
      • 44 adjacent seats for their carers
      • 55 places for ambulant/blind persons (guide-dogs allowed)
      • Separate, purpose-built toilet facilities
      • Unlimited car parking, which is free of charge

Accessibility to Stadium

  • There are several user-friendly means of accessing the stadium, both externally and internally, e.g., ramp-ways, vehicle underpasses, and lifts. The car parking facilities are situated in very close proximity to the various points of entry to the stadium.

Admission to Stadium

The following policies shall apply:-

      • The Club does not charge disabled patrons for entry to its matches.
      • The Club does not charge carers or helpers for entry to its matches, subject to the proviso that this particular concession is not abused.
      • Pre-booking is not required under normal circumstances. However, advance notice of any unusual requests would be welcomed.

Customer Care

  • The following policies and procedures shall apply:-
      • The Club, its staff, and stewards, shall not discriminate between people with differing impairments.
      • The Club’s administrative staff, other “front-of-house” personnel, and stewards shall be instructed to observe the provisions of the EQUALITY ACT 2010, or any other relevant legislation.
      • The Club’s administrative staff, other “front-of-house” personnel, and stewards are required to treat disabled supporters and customers with all due patience, politeness, courtesy, and practical assistance at all times.
      • The Club guarantees that it shall deal promptly with any grievances relating to the provisions of the EQUALITY ACT 2010.
      • The Club’s administrative staff, other “front-of-house” personnel, and stewards shall be advised of the fact that any incidents of discrimination under the provisions of the EQUALITY ACT 2010 are serious matters, which could lead to appropriate disciplinary action being initiated.

Disabled Supporters’ Club

  • The Queen’s Park Football Club’s overall fan base is relatively small; the Club doesn’t have its own Disabled Supporters’ Club or Network.

Reviewed November 2018

Policy towards Supporters

Supporters Liaison Officer; Keith McAllister- Tel: 01416321275, Email:


The Queen’s Park Football Club Limited has, since 23 June 1903, been registered (Registration No 5382) with the Registrar of Companies for Scotland as a company limited by guarantee and not having a share capital. The company’s registered offices are located at HampdenPark, Glasgow, G42 9BA.

The Club is comprised of its Members who, at their Annual General Meeting, elect from amongst their number a President, a Treasurer, and eight others Members to form a Committee, which is charged with the responsibility of conducting the affairs of the Club. These ten Members of Committee (the “Directors”) do not receive any remuneration for carrying out their duties. Furthermore, any funds generated by the activities of the Club cannot be distributed to the Members, but are instead applied towards the development of football at all levels.

The rights and privileges of every Member of the Club are personal to him or to her, and shall not be transferable or transmissible by his or her own act, or by operation of law, and shall cease upon his or her resignation, expulsion, or death.

In order to become Members, and to remain as such, individuals must demonstrate that they are fully prepared to espouse and uphold the aims, objectives, and principles of the Club. The Members form the nucleus of the Club and they are, therefore, and almost by definition, deemed to be “Supporters”. Indeed, it could be argued that Queen’s Park Football Club is the archetypal Supporters’ Trust!

Stadium & Access

The Club plays its First XI home fixtures at The National Stadium, HampdenPark, which is a modern stadium offering safe, all-seated, and unrestricted viewing facilities for all categories of supporters.

For its First XI fixtures, the Club makes use of the BT Scotland Stand which, under normal circumstances, affords more than sufficient seating, and all other ancillary facilities, to accommodate both the home and visiting support. However, in exceptional circumstances, other all-seated areas of the stadium could be brought into use, potentially leading to a maximum capacity of 52,000.

Except for Members, Season Ticket Holders, and Complimentary Ticket Holders, admission to matches is normally by cash payment at the turnstiles; these are electronically controlled and linked to a computerised counting and registering system.

Admission Prices & Policy

The Club has a policy of maintaining admission prices at the lowest possible level, with the exception of cup-ties where, in order to comply with the respective competition rules of The Scottish Football Association or The Scottish Professional Football League, different prices may have to be observed. This policy is particularly the case with juvenile admissions.

Notwithstanding the fact that all spectators have access to a UEFA 5-Star rated, all-seated, stadium, the tariff for admissions to the Club’s league matches tends to be the lowest available amongst all the senior clubs in Scotland.

Season Tickets (*Not Valid for Cup-Ties)

  • Adult – £200.00
  • Concessions (Senior citizens (over 65), Children (under 16),students/unemployed) – £70.00

Turnstile Prices (*League Matches)

  • Adult – £15.00
  • Concessions (Senior citizens (over 65), Children (under 16),students/unemployed) – £5.00

Disabled Supporters and their Carers are admitted free of charge.

Visiting Supporters

There is no differential pricing policy in place; visiting Supporters can access the same level of facility as the Home Supporters, and at the same price levels.

Catering Facilities

The catering for spectators is franchised (by the stadium operators – Hampden Park Ltd) to Sodexo Prestige who provide a range of goods from kiosks located within the internal concourse areas.

Car & Coach Parking

Car and Coach Parking facilities, which are located immediately adjacent to the ground, are made available free of charge to all patrons.

Club Supporters

The Club fosters and maintains a close liaison with its supporters, most of whom are members of the Queen’s Park Supporters’ Association (QPSA), which is achieved in a number of ways, for example:-

Supporters’ Club Shop & Merchandise

The Supporters’ Association has been granted the exclusive right to stock and sell various items of official club merchandise, and other related goods, from the premises occupied by the Club. The Club’s permanent members of staff provide all necessary “out-of-hours” assistance to the Supporters’ Association in regard to these activities.

The Club makes every endeavour to ensure that there are no alterations to the style, materials used, sponsor’s logo, manufacturer, etcetera of the Club’s official playing strips within a minimum period of two seasons from their first date of introduction; this applies to both the home and any change strips.

Travel to Away Matches

The Club makes the necessary arrangements on behalf of the Supporters’ Association for the hiring of coach transport to away matches. The Club assists the Association by part-subsidising these costs.


The Club uses a variety of means of imparting information to, and communicating with, its Members, Season Ticket Holders, Supporters, and other potential patrons, including annual general meetings and mid-season meetings, e-mail databased messages, media releases, mail-shots, posters, and match-day programmes.

Match-Day Programme

The digital match-day programme, which is edited and published by the Club, includes match reports, club notes, and supporters’ notes. Items for inclusion in the programme may be e-mailed to .

Official Website

The Club’s Official Website at is by far the most efficient and effective medium for disseminating up-to-date information. The site, which is updated on a daily basis, contains the following features:-

  • Details of forthcoming home matches.
  • 1st Eleven match reports.Reserve Team and Youth Teams reports.
  • Team News.
  • Social Club News.
  • Supporters’ Notes
  • Bus times for away matches.

Items for inclusion on the site may be e-mailed to

Other Avenues of Communication

Office Telephone:                                             0141-632-1275

Office Fax:                                                         0141-636-1612

Telephone (Ground – Match Day Only)          0141-620-4000

E-mail: General Enquiries                      

E-mail: Accounts                                    

E-mail: Club Secretary                           

E-mail: Youth Football                           

Community Activity

The Club is very conscious of its standing as a focal point within both the local and the wider community. Its efforts in this regard include:-

Weekly Saturday morning “walk-up” football coaching programme for children and young people.

School holiday community programmes.

Reviewed November 2018


The Queen’s Park Football Club takes justifiable pride in the fact that one of its players, Andrew Watson, was the first black footballer to attain international recognition when, in 1881, he represented Scotland against both England and Wales.

The motto of the Club is “Ludere causa Ludende”, which literally translates as “To play the Game for the Game’s Sake”. A major element of this ethos is the desire on the Club’s part to make the great game of football as accessible to as many people as possible, without any fear, favour, or other prejudices.

The objective of the Club’s policy on this issue is to provide clarity of purpose and intent to its players, coaches, employees, members, supporters and everyone else connected with Queen’s Park Football Club Ltd regarding the Club’s attitude towards issues of racial harassment and abuse. It is also designed to promote harmonious relationships between persons of different ethnic, cultural or national groups, and to maintain and uphold the proud traditions of the Club.

  • The Club condemns all forms of racism wherever it might occur, be that on or off the field of play, or, in the workplace. The Club seeks to engender and maintain a sporting, spectating, and working environment which is entirely free of racial harassment and abuse. Everyone connected to the Club shares the responsibility of preventing racial harassment or abuse.
  • Racial harassment or abuse can manifest itself in any number of ways; it may take the form of physical, oral, written, or visual abuse which is related to a person’s race, ethnicity, colour, nationality, language or cultural background, all of which actions are capable of being construed or perceived as being unacceptable, hurtful, and offensive to the recipient(s).
  • Acts of racial harassment or abuse shall lead to action being taken by the Club against the instigator(s) or perpetrator(s). In the case of employees, this could result in formal disciplinary procedures being initiated. With regards to Club members, Season-Ticket holders, Club supporters, or any other spectators visiting the Club’s grounds and premises, any such behaviour on their part may result in the matter being referred to the police: potential criminal proceedings notwithstanding, the Club reserves the right to eject, expel, and banish the perpetrators of acts of racial harassment or abuse from its grounds and premises.
  • Management and all personnel have a shared responsibility to make it patently clear that such behaviour by anyone connected with the Club is unacceptable.

In support of this policy, the Club will embrace UEFA’s Ten-Point Action Plan, viz

1.  Issue a statement saying that the Club will not tolerate racism, spelling out the actions it will take against those engaged in racist chanting. The statement should be printed in all match programmes and displayed permanently and prominently around the ground.


The Club has given its full support to The Scottish Professional Football League’s days-of-action in support of the anti-racism campaign, ‘Show Racism the Red Card’. The Club’s activities have  included:-

  • Teams of 13 and 14 year-old kids drawn from the Club’s Youth Teams and from the local Active Life Club, which is the football arm of Positive Futures, the Glasgow Anti-Racist Alliance, leading  out  both teams of senior players.
  • At half-time, these kids took part in a penalty kick shoot out.
  • These activities were complimented by appropriate PA announcements.

2.  Make public address announcements condemning racist chanting at matches.


Should incidents of racist behaviour occur at Club matches played at Hampden Park, public address announcements shall be made condemning such incidents and reinforcing the Club’s policy and its resolve to take the most appropriate actions against any instigator(s) or perpetrator(s).

3.  Make it a condition for season-ticket holders that they do not take part in racist abuse.


This condition is implicit in the Club’s stated policy in counteracting racist behaviour in any of its various manifestations.

4.  Take action to prevent the sale of racist literature inside and around the ground.


The Club and its Stewards shall take whatever action is appropriate to prevent the sale of any such materials within its grounds, and around their immediate environs.

5. Take disciplinary action against players who engage in racial abuse


The Club shall take appropriate action against any player, coach, or other employee who is found to have been engaged in racist behaviour or abuse. Furthermore, any volunteer worker who is found to have been similarly engaged shall have his/her connection with the Club severed forthwith.

6.  Contact other clubs to make sure they understand the Club’s policy on racism.


The Club expects every other member clubs to be in full compliance with the various directives and items of guidance promulgated by The Scottish Football Association and The Scottish Football League in relation to these issues.

7.    Encourage a common strategy between stewards and police for dealing with racist actions.


The Club engages the services of an external stewarding company, G4s, who work in tandem with Strathclyde Police on all aspects of Crowd Behaviour & Control, both at Hampden Park and other major sports venues within the City.

8.      Remove all racist graffiti from the ground as a matter of urgency.


The Club fully expects that any racist graffiti shall be removed as a matter of urgency by the Stadium Operators, Hampden Park Ltd.

9.     Adopt an equal opportunities’ policy in relation to employment and service provision.


The Club is an Equal Opportunities Employer and takes cognisance of all relevant legislation on this subject.

10.  Work with all other groups and agencies, such as the players’ union, supporters, schools, voluntary organisations, youth clubs, sponsors, local authorities, local businesses and police, to develop pro-active programmes and make progress to raise awareness of campaigning to eliminate racial abuse and discrimination.


As already indicated, the Club has taken a pro-active role in addressing these issues by, for example, inviting groups such as the local Active Life Club to become involved in the Club’s annual Festival of Football, which focuses on kids football.

Reviewed November 2018

Child Protection

You can view and download The Club’s Child Protection Policy here…

Website Privacy Policy

You can view and download The Club’s Website Privacy Policy here